Mining, Oil and Gas

Our Mining, Oil and Gas department offers a wide range of services to our clients within the mining sector and these services include: 

  • Preparing and settling of joint venture agreements, joint operation agreements, Farm-out agreements, cession and transfer agreement, off-take agreements, surface lease agreements, sourcing and supply agreements, mining contractor agreements

  • Assisting clients with their regulatory approval applications in terms of the Minerals and Petroleum Resources Development Act, 2002 (MPRDA), including (i) Reconnaissance Permit, (ii) Technical Co-operation Permit, (iii) Exploration Right, (iv) Production Right, (v) Prospecting Right, (vi) Mining Permit and (vii) Mining Right and other ancillary approvals, including a section 11 ministerial approval in terms of MPRDA 

  • Providing advice on BEE deal structuring, from a mining perspective 

  • Liaising with communities in respect of surface leases and gazette land claims 

  • Mediation and dispute resolution between rights holders and the relevant stakeholders, including the Department: Mineral Resources, community members, owners of land and interested parties 

  • Conducting a legal due diligence exercise in respect of acquisitions and disposals 

  • Proving opinion on the legal status and title of a permit and/or right issued in terms of the MPRDA

  • Arbitration and litigation

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